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Thamilar Senthamarai Circulation

12,300 ccopies
  • Toronto (GTA) 6000
  • Mississauga 4000
  • Markham 2300

Advertisement sizes & Dimensions:

The different banner sizes are very unevenly distributed in their usage, with 4 variations dominating the digital advertising world

  • 300×250 Medium Rectangle
  • 728×90 Leaderboard
  • 320×320 Mobile Full Page Flex
  • 300×600 Half Page

Medium Rectangle Ad (300×250)

You can do this add as mobile top medium flex

On a desktop setting the Medium Rectangle looks like this

Leaderboard Banner (728×90)

On a desktop browser the ad is displayed like this:

Mobile Full page Flex(320×320)

(This add mode look like on mobile)

300×600 Half Page

This logo will look like this on desktop

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