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Our company is one that is not afraid of delving into different horizons, from our initial print medium and Visual TVMedia  .


From 1994, our Newspaper Thamilar Senthamarai Publications Ltd, has been bringing a vast amount of knowledge and awareness to the South Asian community.


We also promote Tamil entrepreneurs and businesses to succeed by advertising with us, while keeping the community informed on what's happening in the world through effective journalism.


Thamilar Senthamarai publishes in both languages of Tamil and English and targets Tamils ages 25- 80 residing in the GTA through traditional newsprint and online platforms. We at Thamilar Senthamarai are devoted to bringing relevant weekly Canadian News, Health, Life, Sports and Entertainment through our experienced staff of journalist's and writers every Fridays throughout the year.


Thamilar Senthamarai has won numerous awards such as “Best Editorial Content”, “Best Layout”,” Best Interpretation and Visuals” from The National Ethnic Press and Media Council Of Canada 0n 2005 , 2015 and recently on 2022


Thamilar Senthamarai has been Circulating a leading 12,300 copies in the community to the GTA (Scarborough, Markham, Mississauga, Brampton).Thamilar Senthamarai Publication has been in the Tamil community for the past 29 years and is known to be the most effective and reliable print medium source for the Tamils.


Introducing- Tamil Entertainment Television ( TETHD)


Tamil Entertainment Television (TET) HD is the first of its kind in the Canadian Tamilcommunity.

It is the first Tamil HD Channel in Canada, available 24 hours on Bell Fibe channel 842and Rogers channel 663. YuppTV Indian Live TV , Star IP TV and other IP ServicesTET is an entertainment channel for the Tamil community in Canada with a viewer ship of more then  200000.


Headquartered in Toronto, Canada; TET provides a mix of local and large-scale international productions for viewers of all ages. They are, at the core, a community based company and take mindful steps to promote Tamil talent and art.


The TET mission is to help those in the community facing diversity. We produce content via shows and workshops that cater to youth, seniors, women and others to address issues related to mental health, public health, careers, public debates and showcasing art, cultural, and spiritual talents in Canada. We accomplish this by building a sense of community among our participants and audience, and by broadcasting unique talents on digital and printing media Senthamarai Publications Ltd.


Journey of Life: Our top priority is helping and appreciating our beloved community of Senior Citizens. The show ‘Journey of Life’ is designed to showcase the captivating lives of seniors in our community. The TET  is dedicated to helping foster a sense of community among our participants and audience members. This unique and wholesome show provides a therapeutic space for seniors to reminisce on their youth, college life, romances, and many more gripping past experiences. Come along on this storytelling adventure as they share their wise advice on marriage, careers, and diets. But also their stories regarding assimilation to life in Canada and their lives back home. We invite anyone reading this to join ‘The Journey of Life’ to participate or help us out.


Neengalum Padalam: This is a singing show for middle aged persons (from age 55+) to seniors to showcase their singing to the community. This leaves our participants with fulfillment, peace, and a sense of accomplishment.


Women's day: This show will Celebrate women's achievements and hard work in a male dominated society. It will raise awareness about discrimination and equal rights while taking action to drive gender parity. Women’s Day belongs to everyone, everywhere. This show will consist of interviews of women who have experienced hardship in their journey to be who they are today while sharing stories that reflect on the past, present and future.



Thanks to Mom: In this Mother’s Day show, we interviewed mothers and daughters to share their experiences with motherhood and family, their bond with one another, and how they have cultivated this bond. These honest interviews served as a medium through which children expressed their gratitude towards their mothers, as well as an opportunity for mothers to wholeheartedly appreciate their children for who they are. Through this, we brought forward heart-warming childhood and early motherhood memories from reminiscing mothers and daughters. This show emphasizes the importance of cherishing old memories and having a healthy, loving relationship with your mother or daughter. The participants found this therapeutic and joyful.


Father’s Day: Modern entertainment has never been the strongest in showcasing healthy and affectionate relationships between fathers and sons. However, many fathers can attest that they take a lot of pride in their children’s accomplishments, both big and small. Hence, this is a show created to offer the stage for fathers to express the pride and joy they constantly feel regarding their sons. It is also a safe space where sons can openly express their gratitude to their dads for supporting them on their paths toward success. This heartwarming show never fails to illustrate the loving, powerful influence that fathers have on their sons’ lives.


Tamil Ini Vellum:  A huge priority for the TET is maintaining and developing our Tamil Canadian culture and identity across future generations. Tamil Ini Velum is a show that accomplishes this through the next generation of Tamil Canadians– our youth. We collaborate with children learning the Tamil language and showcase their speeches, songs, poetry and many more artistic talents. This is a lighthearted show to keep our language going as we share our Tamil heritage.


Junior Singer 2022: The purpose of the youth singing competition is to find and showcase the best youth singing talents in our community. After the pandemic hit, we had to stop our auditions for our youth singing competition. Fortunately, in the summer of 2022, we were able to complete the show successfully on a public outdoor stage. Through this show, we brought lots of joy, success, exposure, networking, opportunities and community to our participants and audience.


Mental Health Shows: The TET”s main program to contribute to mental wellness in the community is the hit show 'Nijamum Nilalum', directly translated as 'Reality and Shadow'. Prior to introducing this educational and informational show, we also facilitated groups and workshops of seniors, youth, and women to share their experiences, meet others and find a safe place to build a sense of community. This was especially useful during COVID-19 as we made zoom conferences and delivered food to seniors who needed connection. The Mental Health Awareness Show ‘Nijamum Nilalum’ is telecasted through Rogers(CH663), Bell(845), IP TV and major social media platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) with the goal to raise the awareness of mental health in theTamil community. This is an educational program that targets audiences of all age groups for the Tamil community in Canada. We receive an overwhelming response from the audience across the globe with the request to continue the show. The social media platforms are swept with high appreciation for the show that teaches a lot on mental health, self-awareness, and helps people take steps to heal mentally and emotionally. This program interviews psychiatrists (Dr. Senthuran Gunaratnam, Dr. Pushpa Kanagaratnam) , psychologists, Therapists, case managers, mental health social worker. caregivers, affected families, survivors, yoga instructors, senior homes, family doctors, settlement workers and other supportive and pertinent mental health workers, and religious leaders. The goal is to find various methods to teach the community to heal mentally.


My Dream Career  : This is a show designed for high school students to prepare and learn about life in college, university, apprenticeship, or the workforce. We will interview industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and various other professionals to inform, inspire, and connect our young people to build a successful career life.


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